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The Global Health Alliance Deutschland (GHA-D) exists to promote Global Health teaching, research and practice at German universities. It is a national network of students and academics who are engaged in Global Health.

In recent years the interest in Global Health (1) has increased at German universities. One out of three medical students spends time abroad as part of their studies – these come in contact with health care systems of different countries and topics of Global Health. However, Global Health issues are not only tangible and relevant during stays abroad – migration, climate change, antibiotic resistances – the list of global challenges with corresponding local relevance is long. Nevertheless, many faculties at German universities only offer education in the field of Global Health in limited extent or not at all.

Aim of the Global Health Alliance Deutschland (GHA-D) is to strengthen education, research as well as the transfer of Global Health at German-speaking universities. This goal is supposed to be realized with four different working groups:

- Working group 1: Studies + education research

- Working group 2: Advanced education

- Working group 3: Research database

Every working group is coordinated by one or two students and one or two faculty members.

If you are interested in collaborating and joining the GHA-D, please contact us via email: info@gha-d.org.